BC Tourism Flying High with Harbour Air Integration


April 24, 2018

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Direct Integration with Harbour Air (Zaui Connect)

Our biggest announcement in 2018 for BC tourism! Activity and transportation companies on the Zaui platform now have the ability to cross-sell west coast flights with a new direct connection to Harbour Air.  

Harbour Air is the world’s largest passenger seaplane operator and a tourism icon on the Canadian west coast. It services much of BC operating out of major hubs in downtown Vancouver, Victoria and recently announced daily flights to Seattle starting April 26, 2018.

Harbour Air Integration (Real-Time Cross-Selling)

What this means for Zaui Customers

Tourism companies on the Zaui system that are in the Pacific Northwest can now sell Harbour Air products in real-time through their own website, core booking engine, mobile and POS applications. This works exactly the same as other Zaui Connect cross-selling relationships.

When a Zaui customer sets up the real-time integration to Harbour Air, they can now:

  1. Book flights for their guests
  2. Amend flight bookings
  3. Cancel flight bookings

To get started, Zaui suppliers must first set up the Zaui Connect integration with Harbour Air. The direct connection is available for all Zaui systems. If you need assistance setting this up, please contact Zaui Support.

Set up the Harbour Air Connection:

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About Zaui Software

Zaui is a world-leading tourism reservation and management software specialized for tour, activity and transportation businesses. Based in Canada’s outdoor adventure capital of Vancouver, British Columbia. Zaui provides a technology-driven platform to run every aspect of a tourism business. Major software features include: automating bookings, connecting suppliers to Online Travel Agents (Viator, Expedia, etc), connecting local tourism companies to cross-sell products with real-time inventory, POS and mobile applications and real-time business analytics.  Zaui is the only tourism software that strengthens the local tourism economy connecting suppliers through geographical partnerships.

With Zaui I/O, over 25 automated OTA selling channels have been established. Qualified re-sellers can apply to become part of the Zaui Distribution Network free of charge. In the Zaui Connect Community, there are infinite cross-selling channels between local tourism companies.

Not on the Zaui platform?

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