Greyhound Bus Closing Brings New Life


August 14, 2018

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When One Bus Door Closes…Another will Open

Opportunity knocks for the transportation sector across Western Canada with last month’s announcement from Greyhound Bus Lines that all but one route (Vancouver to Seattle) will be cancelled by the end of October. Greyhound Canada will end all other routes in the Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.

Greyhound Bus Closes bringing opportunity for Transportation Sector
All but one Greyhound bus route (Vancouver to Seattle) will be cancelled by October 31, 2018, in Western Canada.

Greyhound Lines is the largest North American intercity bus company with 16,000 daily bus departures to 3,100 destinations. The announcement has sent surprise, confusion and outrage in some rural communities that will lose their primary passenger service.

According to CBC’s Greyhound coverage, “The company blames a 41 percent decline in ridership since 2010, persistent competition from subsidized national and inter-regional passenger transportation services, the growth of new low-cost airlines, regulatory constraints and the growth of car ownership.”

The Good News

The good news is that a huge opportunity is ready and waiting for established transportation players, expanding charter bus companies and innovative market entrants. “We’ve already seen some of our existing Zaui suppliers start expanding their service to pick up where Greyhound is leaving off,” says Zaui CTO Kory Fawcett:

The Government, private sector and rural communities are rallying to ensure all Canadians have access to very necessary transportation services. The federal and provincial governments are reacting quickly, promising to expedite licensing for new businesses that alleviate the loss of transportation services.

Zaui Software Bus Company Tofino Bus - Vancouver Island, BC
Tofino Bus is expanding to include routes for more small communities and increase the frequency from Nanaimo to Victoria.

How Zaui can Help

The team at Zaui Software has been creating software that powers transportation companies like Greyhound since 1999. The Zaui team is expertly trained to manage all types of transportation businesses, and Zaui is ready to help new businesses make the most of the opportunity from the departure of Greyhound in the market.  

Zaui’s powerful route optimization capabilities, online booking engine, automated email and selling tools (including the Zaui Connect cross-selling network) and newly launched insight tools (also known as the KPI engine) may have provided context and technology that Greyhound needed to anticipate or prevent their exit from Western Canada. 

Zaui System (at a Glance) for Transportation Companies

Zaui is a feature-rich reservation platform that can be used for transportation companies of all sizes. From small airport shuttle services to complex enterprise passenger services like Greyhound, Zaui can get your business online and create a powerful impact on operational efficiencies and sales growth.

We’ve covered several Zaui Transportation case studies that have seen massive success in tweaking their trip frequency, load capacity and online business models. We’ve also talked about some of the best ways to utilize the software in a transportation company. Here are a couple of extra resources that may help with your operation:

Zaui Core

The Zaui Core platform is the control tower of your business. It is used to set up routes, assign pickups, control inventory, manage operations and assign your fleet, organize passenger manifests, offering both paper or paperless ticketing, and works seamlessly with your ability to automate and sell through an online booking engine.

Zaui Connect

Zaui Connect allows you to cross-sell 3rd party tours and attractions using barcodes from your connected local business relationships. Our fully integrated, simple, transportation model has been highly successful with transportation companies around the world.  This includes intercity bus transportation like Greyhound for scheduled passenger service. The platform also you to grow your communities, creating a horizontal ecosystem of partners cross-selling each other’s products and activities.

Zaui Mobile

Zaui is the industry leader in mobile and POS applications enabling drivers and station agents to check in guests, print and scan tickets, as well as handle walk-up passengers. This provides your team with the tools they need to maintain real-time inventory, and book more passengers on the fly.   

Software for Transportation Growth

See the Features for Transport Operators

About Zaui Software

Zaui is a world-leading tourism reservation and management software specialized for tour, activity and transportation businesses. Based in Canada’s outdoor adventure capital of Vancouver, British Columbia. Zaui provides a technology-driven platform to run every aspect of a tourism business. Major software features include: automating bookings, connecting suppliers to Online Travel Agents (Viator, Expedia, etc), connecting local tourism companies to cross-sell products with real-time inventory, POS and mobile applications and real-time business analytics.  Zaui is the only tourism software that strengthens the local tourism economy connecting suppliers through geographical partnerships.

With Zaui I/O, over 25 automated OTA selling channels have been established. Qualified re-sellers can apply to become part of the Zaui Distribution Network free of charge. In the Zaui Connect Community, there are infinite cross-selling channels between local tourism companies.

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