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July 23, 2019

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What in the world are Webhooks?

Most likely, you aren’t aware of Webhooks unless you have a technical background. That’s ok, but you should know what you can do with them. You have probably seen them in your Zaui system when you were making changes to your email notifications but never really looked into what they are, but you should. 

In short, a webhook is like a postcard that gets sent every time a specific action happens in your system. An “endpoint” is the mailing address and the “json” or “xml” is the data in the message.

WebHook Example

For example, a webhook that is triggered on a booking creation would send all the relevant information for a booking to a destination of choice. Zaui has many preconfigured webhooks to pick from such as “Booking Created”, “Booking Amended” or “Booking Cancelled”, “Employee created”, “Employee Amended” or “Employee Removed” and over a dozen more.

You might be asking yourself “why do I care about the data from a booking creation or a guest check in?” and there are plenty of reasons why. 

Have you ever wanted to:

  • Efficiently add a customer to a newsletter campaign in mailchimp?
  • Create a remarketing audience for web ads?
  • Add the guest and booking details to your CRM?
  • Leverage your accounting software (Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks + more)

Have you ever needed to:

  • Notify your resellers when a tour is cancelled?
  • Send a tour information packet to new agents?
  • Send a daily weather update to your guests the day of their tour?

All this and more is powered off Webhooks and integrations with different platforms!

Throwing around the words API, Integration, Webhooks, Endpoints and more can seem overwhelming to most, but as we already reviewed, webhooks are just like postcards. Super simple, and so are integrations and endpoints!

The industry leader in connecting platform to platform is Zapier.

Using the webhooks in your system and connections to different platforms through Zapier you can drastically improve your team’s workflow and time management. 

If you can think of a manual process that you or your team perform regularly, chances are that you can automate it with Zapier. Getting started is super easy with a free account. From there, you can start building. 

Inside Zapier, you will be using “Webhooks by Zapier.” You can filter by a specific detail in the webhook (such as activity name, or date) and then select the app you want to connect with. 

Here are just some of the apps you can connect to using WebHooks:

Zaui Software - Webhook Integrations

There is no reason to fear WebHooks. They are extremely easy to set up and extremely powerful to use. Let us help you get started!

Demo Lab Details

When: July 25, 2019, at 10:00 am PST
Where: Virtual Demo Lab
What: Learn how to set up Webhooks in Zaui, how to integrate into different platforms and how to automate your business!

Click the link below to register for the Demo Lab. All of our sessions will be recorded and available at if you are unable to attend.

Teach me how to use Webhooks!


About Zaui Software

Zaui is a technology-leading reservation and management software for maximizing online bookings and reducing costs in the tour, activity and transportation industry. Automate bookings, connect to Online Travel Agents (Viator, Expedia, etc), live cross-selling of products, real-time inventory, POS and mobile applications, powerful analytics. Based in Canada’s outdoor adventure capital of Vancouver, British Columbia. 

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