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December 27, 2018

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Is Over)

That means it’s back to work at Zaui. We hope you had an enjoyable (and successful!) holiday season and also had some time to relax and sip Lagavulin by the fire.

2018 has been quite a momentous year at Zaui with our team growing to over 20 talented developers, designers and customer service specialists. And as the page turns to 2019, we are more determined than ever to make Zaui the most powerful tool in tours, activities and transportation.

Zaui’s Top Hits

So let’s put the high beams on 2018’s achievements and also reveal how Zaui will be supercharging your system in 2019. We’ll make this bite-sized, as we know it’s time to get back to work and start crushing your 2019 goals!

This year, the Core platform received a major facelift in user experience on the front and back ends. We also added a bucket load of powerful new features like Zaui Insights, major improvements to our marketing tools and loads of goodies added to the Core, POS/Mobile and Distribution elements of the platform.

Zaui Core

What happened in 2018Zaui Core - Devices

  • A brand new back office interface (an endless pursuit)
  • Email notifications
    • Email/SMS from your desktop and manifests

    • Invoice notifications to pay online

    • Online portal specific notifications


Zaui InsightsTourism Booking Software - Zaui Insights Analytics for Tour Operators

  • Smart and quick-loading visualization of your most important business KPI’s
  • Identify trends and patterns in your data
  • Forecast intelligent future business levels
  • Track KPI’s, Revenue, Bookings, and Customers over different time periods


More Core Features

Zaui Tourism Software - Insights and Analytics Dashboard
Zaui Insights – KPI and Business Analytics Dashboard
  • Charter tool improvements (even more to come)
  • Self-serve add-ons and integrations
  • Reports downloadable in .csv format
  • Display ‘Sold Out’ Activities Online
  • Collect Deposits Online
  • Improved GROUP booking workflow
  • Activity Builder Improvements
  • Dates on pricing options
  • Routific integration

What is coming in 2019

Major Advancements for TransportationZaui Software - Transportation

  • Booking workflow improvements for the back office
  • Redesign and optimization for online bookings
  • Customer login to edit and manage bookings
  • Seasonal pickup and drop off locations



What happened in 2018

  • Android MobileZaui Software Mobile & POS
  • Barcode scanner integration
  • Driver-specific manifests
    • Filtered list of the activities drivers or guides are assigned
  • Products now displayed on guest itineraries
  • Quick Swipe/Pull to refresh manifest and booking list

What is coming in 2019

  • Chip and Pin reader

Distribution (Helping You Sell More)

What happened in 2018

Zaui Connect Improvements

  • Manifest Sharing Option
  • Local partner connections – Harbour Air
  • New OTA connections in localized markets
  • ZAUI I/O – Dynamic pricing and real-time inventory

What is coming in 2019

  • Google Reserve – Book through your Google business listing (This will be huge!)

Your Success is our Success

We witnessed major success and growth from so many of our customers in 2018. We even had the privilege to sit down with a few of you and share some of the secret sauce that makes a truly remarkable tourism company. Here are a few of our favourite customer success stories from the last year:

Galveston Express: Mission Critical | The Gap in Galveston

The Hairy Coo: A Different Breed of Tourism | The Hairy Coo (Startup Success Story)

Landsea Tours and Adventures: Connecting Family, Tourism & Technology


From all of us at Zaui Software, we want to thank you for an amazing year! It is the greatest privilege of all to work with such passionate companies focused on providing the most amazing guest experiences at the very top of the tourism industry. We look forward to helping you grow your business in 2019!

Start 2019 with a bang! Unlock your booking potential.

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