Pricing can start as low as $90.00/month


What does it cost?

We charge a flat rate, billed quarterly, based on the annual volume of sales that are processed through the system. The more you sell, the less Zaui becomes as a percentage of your operating costs. To see a complete pricing chart and how it will relate to your particular operation, contact our sales department.

No limits on usage – use as much as you like!

  • No limits on bookings
  • No limits on transactions
  • No limits on users
  • No limits on bandwidth
  • No limits on storage
  • No limits on support and training
  • Simply no limits!

Non-profit Discounts?

We offer a 15% discount to non-profits and charities. If you’re a non-profit or charity then please sign up for a demonstration, and provide relevant information indicating your organization’s structure and we’d be happy to extend this offer.

I want to see and know more

Sign up for a demo of our system. Our demos are custom and we will pre-load the system with both your content and pricing.

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