Web Based Sightseeing and Tour Management Software

Sightseeing and day tour operators have a unique set of requirements that blend elements of tour and shuttle services.  The functionality of Zaui’s sightseeing tour management system allows tour operators the ability to define and manage those elements for operational efficiencies and improve customer service.

Examples of specific features key to any sightseeing tour operator contained within Zaui are:

  • Real time inventory tracking and updates
  • Staff and vehicle scheduling
  • Automatic manifest production with check in accountability
  • Complex route definition with pickup/drop off aggregation
  • Multiple pick up and drop off locations and zones
  • Fixed and flexible tour capacities
  • Wholesaler sales tracking
  • Commission based sales tracking
  • Complex pricing models

High volume operators will appreciate the ability to easily manage groups of passengers over multiple vehicles and seat assignment for guests.  Automation and reporting of reservations, financials, along with demographic reports allow you to better understand your customers.

Examples of just a few of the companies who use Zaui for its sophisticated shuttle features include:

  • Sightseeing companies
  • Charter bus companies
  • Hop on Hop Off bus companies
  • Nature Sightseeing companies

Interested in more information about how Zaui can be used to streamline your Sightseeing business? Try a demo of the system.

Interested in more information about how Zaui can be used to streamline your sightseeing business? Make a request to see a demo of the system.
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