Activity and Tour Management Software For Adrenaline Sports

Activity management software requirements for a Zip-line or Canopy tour company (as an example) are unique due the nature of the product which they provide.

Zaui contains a proprietary module designed specifically for adrenaline sport operators allowing you to create and manage your customer information from a single interface.

Some of our clients who make use of these specific features include:

  • Zip-line or canopy activity and tour companies
  • Bungy operators
  • White-water Rafting outfitters
  • Sky-diving operators
  • Air-balloon operators
  • Heli-ski operations
  • Snow Cat operations

Just to name a few.

Although we have hundreds of features designed specifically for these operations, we can only provide you a short list here.  Some of the key features include:

Activity Operations Management:

  • Create and manage your activities in an easy way
  • Specific pricing models to accommodate your particular needs
  • Guide assignment and time slot manifest production
  • Simple and quick booking mechanisms, including single and group bookings, waivers, payments
  • Dashboard overview of single or multi day of all your activities
  • On the fly inventory modifications
  • Specific online booking work flow
  • Micro management of time slots and adjust to seasonality by choosing what times are available for call center, walk in, or online bookings
  • Guest look-up for repeat guests
  • Plus all the other features part of the Zaui system…

Reporting and Business Development:

  • Automated record keeping on all guest activity (full audit trail)
  • Access to a variety of financial, bookings, operational and customer data in real-time from anywhere
  • Demographic purchase habits of your customers
  • Google Analytics, ad-words and e-Commerce integrations

Sell other experiences or merchandise using the extended features of Zaui.

Interested in more information about how Zaui can be used to streamline your adrenaline sport business? Make a request to see a demo of the system.
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