Navigating the rapid change in travel distribution

Distribution networks, social networks and technology are transforming the way people are planning and buying local tourism services. Engaging with your customers is becoming ever more complex.

Customers of Zaui Software, activity providers, tour operators, airport shuttles and bus companies, are finding that through Zaui they are able to quickly streamline and grow their businesses by leveraging the collective competencies in their people, processes, information, while still maintaining that one-on-one personal touch with their customers.

We understand that each micro-vertical within tourism has a unique set of processes and mandates that will drive line of business requirements. Zaui’s system is packaged with all the necessary and industry specific requirements including:

  • complex pricing models
  • automated accountability
  • industry standard data security
  • specific business processes and logic for tourism sectors

Our in-depth knowledge of tourism industry specific best practices provides both flexibility and innovation – whether you’re looking to increase customer satisfaction, automate manual processes, increase revenue streams or comply with industry mandates.

Zaui has been built with some specific verticals within tourism, namely:

Interested in more information about how Zaui can be used to streamline your shuttle business? Make a request to see a demo of the system.