Adapts to your Business

Built For Your Industry

Zaui has been developed from the ground up specifically for the tourism industry.  We don’t want to bore you with the details or specific skills of our staff, but lets just say we’re used to building large-scale transactional based systems which are fast and efficient.  You’re in good hands.

The Zaui engine has been built and adapted for a wide range of verticals within tourism:

airport shuttles, zip lines, bungy jumping, sight seeing tours, rafting, whale watching, just  to name a few.

Zaui has been built with the valued input from hundreds of our clients over the years.  It’s fast, efficient, and just plan simple to use.

Flexible and Customizable

The Zaui booking engine has been built specifically so that it can be branded and customized to meet your operations specific model.  Not only that, but you’re able to tailor your activities and tours through Zaui to meet the needs and demands of your guests.

Reporting and Analytics

Zaui’s reporting allows you to instantly report on bookings, revenues, customer data, demographics, sales and much more.  In addition, Zaui’s online booking engine is fully integrated with both your Google Analytics,

Google Ecommerce, and Adwords allowing you a complete ROI and conversion analysis from Zaui.

Find out more by making a request to see a demo of the system.