Complete Reports and Analytics

Zaui Software provides you with a complete set of easy to read reports and analytics allowing you to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of your online booking engine with real time updates.

The moment you start utilizing Zaui as your on-line booking engine and in-house reservation system, you gain access to a range of detailed reports and analytics.

You instantly understand who is visiting your site, how and where they are shopping, but also how much they are spending on average, thus allowing you to maximize your business opportunities.

Detailed Analytics

Real Time Reports

Forecast Reporting

Inventory Reports

In addition to this Zaui Software comes pre-loaded with close to a 100 different type of reports that are completely customizable to your business needs. All of these reports & analytics can be exported into Excel, CSV, or PDF formats and can be accessed anywhere at any time because Zaui is a Web based system using leading edge cloud technology.

Exactly how detailed is Zaui Software in its reports and analytics? this is just a glimpse at what it can do for you:

•Reservations Information
•Customer Data
•Company and Financials
•Earned/Unearned Revenues
•Demographic Reporting
•Online Promotional Codes
•Online Sales Channels
•Gift Certificates
•Operations Specific Reporting
•Forecast Reporting
•Online Analytics Reporting
•Activity Specific Reporting
•Merchandise Specific Reporting
•Package Specific Reporting
•Taxation Reporting

Having access to a wide range of reports and analytics will allow you to make smarter and faster business decisions,  track all your promotions at the tip of your fingers to ensure you are getting your return on investment in a matter of minutes.

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