What Others Say Matters Most

We believe that the Zaui reservation system is the most powerful and innovative web-based activity and tour management system — but don’t take our word for it.  Here’s what our clients have to say about the Zaui Activity and Tour Management System:

“In Zaui we found not only a solution but a business relationship that continues to grow in accordance with our operational needs. Since investing in Zaui we have benefited from many other system developments that were requested by other Zaui partners and this is a clear example of a dynamic company that wants to forge strong customer alliances but is focused on remaining cutting edge within the industry.”

Niall McKeever – President, Airporter.co.uk – www.airporter.co.uk

The best thing is the excellent customer service we have gotten from the Zaui Software support team and the success and ease of internet bookings.

Megan Sewell – General Manager, Sewells Marina . – www.sewellsmarina.com

“Our online revenues have increased by 25% compared to our previous online sales system. The Zaui reservation system is easy for customers to use therefore increasing sales. With Zaui we have been able to start an affiliate program opening up new sales avenues and helping us to increase our revenues. The web is the future of sales and the Zaui system has made the transition to web sales easy for us and for our customers.”

Dylan Green – President, Tofino Bus Services Inc. – www.tofinobus.com

We’ve been working with Zaui since the inception of the company.  We have seen it grow from a small management system to a enterprise management tool.  From day one, Zaui moved us away from a tedious paper trail system for managing our tours, scheduling of guides and vehicles and into the world of a centralized, real time booking engine which streamlined our business and information sharing straight away.”

Daymon Miller – General Manager, Discover Banff Tours Ltd. – www.banfftours.com

“The system has certainly allowed me to stay in much better touch with the business while being away and/or on the road.  Also, our affiliates love the ability to book with us directly, instead of through a third party, with the inevitable confusions and missed communications.   Everything is 100% more efficient.

The other big advantage to the Zaui system is that I can now begin to see times or areas where we can offer additional events. It allows much better use of our limited guiding resources through the busiest times of our season.”

Peter Lemieux – Owner, Columbia Icewalks – www.icewalks.com