Shuttle, Activity, and Tour Management Features

100% Web Based Activity and Tour Management System

Zaui is a 100% web based shuttle, activity, and tour management system.  Being web based means you have access to your company information, reservations, messages, customer information and reporting 24/7 from anywhere you have an internet or mobile connection.

Not only that, it becomes your 24 hr e-commerce store front.  It’s available for your customers to book and manipulate their reservations in real-time, even when your offices are closed.

Zaui, being web based, not only works from your browser on your computer, but your mobile device also.  We support the i-Phone, iPad and Blackberry.

Centralized and Streamlined

Zaui gives you the unique opportunity to simplify and streamline your current work flow in a easy, all-in-one solution.

  • Centralized inventory
  • Centralized reporting
  • Reduced staff errors on reservations
  • Integrated Point of Sale

All information is in one location for you and your staff, with real-time reporting.

Increase Revenues and Reduce Costs

Increase sales with the addition of automated e-commerce, internet bookings, and multiple online sales channels.  Reduce costs with automation and standardization of many work flow processes that you have in place.

Increase your profits and reach more customers with a web based system and plug-n-play e-commerce and online booking automation.  Since Zaui is 100% web based, everything is electronic — go green!

Grow and Manage your Customers

Manage your current customer base, while building repeat business and long term relationships.  Automate the process for wholesaler and commission based sales agents.  Through Zaui’s demographic reports, in conjunction with Google Analytics, understand your customers better and make educated sales and marketing decisions to expand your customer base.

Manage Staff and Work-flow

With Zaui you can be anywhere with access to all your company data, staff and your customers.  Improve your efficiency with standardized work flow and centralized information allowing you to free up your time.  Free up your staff’s time to focus on improved customer relations and service.

Industry Specific Applications

Zaui has evolved from the necessity to have a simple software solution for shuttle, activity and tour operators.  Our system has been built from the demands of our customers and their specific business requirements.  We understand the demands of each micro-vertical within tourism and the unique business requirements that each has.

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Interested in more information about how Zaui can be used to streamline business? Make a request to see a demo of the system.