Zaui API (ZAPI) Overview

The Zaui API is a way for you to interact with your Zaui engine on a much larger level.  It’s very powerful and the limit is really your own imagination.  It’s already part of your Zaui installation, and it’s FREE to use.

Zaui exposes its data via an Application Programming Interface (API).


The versatility of ZAPI allows you to both push and pull information to and from your Zaui engine.  The possibilities are really endless.  Some examples to think about:

  • Web-designers can create customer private label “customer portals” where they can make bookings and payments in real-time.
  • Information can be pulled from Zaui and tied into your existing back office systems:  accounting and HR.
  • Bridge customer data from Zaui with your existing internal system for creating custom reports
  • Extend Zaui’s feature set to create your very own Mobile applications

The possibilities are truly endless, but ZAPI gives you the ability to access your data within Zaui to build and create your own applications, or interact with existing ones.

Basic Details

Our new and improved ZAPI will now give you the tools you need to access your information, but also create new records within Zaui – pushing and pulling information in both directions.

By giving you this level of sophistication and interaction with Zaui, you’re free to build and create any application outside of Zaui you wish.

You can connect into ZAPI using XML-RPC through a simple HTTP POST.  You can then receive the data back in serialized strings, JSON or XML.  This gives you the most flexibility to connect to your Zaui system however you like and get back data in a form that’s going to be quick and easy for you to work with.

How to Get Started

Complete the form to receive additional information on our API.  We will be happy to answer all your technical questions.

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Consult our support system for exact details on maintenance of your ZAPI users.

Not a Programmer?

The API is for nerds only, unfortunately.  If you’re not a programmer, and you don’t have one in your company, ask us about a list of Zaui Software Experts and we would be happy to help you get things started.